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This pack includes cards for all bug units available in the shop! The army is designed to be hard-hitting and mobile, while most units are quite easily killed.

Units included:

  • Poggle + Command Cards (Commander)
  • Karina + Command Cards (Commander)
  • Hive Guard (Special Forces)
  • Warriors (Corps)
  • Drones (Corps)
  • Zombies (Corps)
  • J-10 Dual Blaster Cannon (Core - Detatchment)
  • LR1K Sonic Cannon (Support)
  • LR1K-B Medium Sonic Cannon (Support)
  • Orray Riders (Support)
  • Hunting Pack (Support)
  • Flitnot Speeders (Support)
  • Executioner Cart (Heavy)

The file will be updated as more units are released and may also be updated for balance reasons.

Have fun playing with a bug-only army!

Listing is for the STL files, not the printed miniature.

This miniature is perfect for tabletop gaming, roleplaying games, or maybe reenacting a certain planetary conflict! Scale: 1/47.

All files come both supported and unsupported.

These files are for personal use only and not for reselling or public sharing. My webstore is not endorsed or affiliated with Disney or Lucasarts and everything on it is completely unofficial. 

1 rating
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  • 1 PDF file
  • Size5.5 MB
  • Length7 pages


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Bug Army Cards

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